Holy Synod

The crowning of the Teacher of Righteousness

The Holy Synod consists primarily of the Teacher of Righteousness, the Catholicos Patriarch and various Bishops, advisers or consultants as appointed by the Teacher of Righteousness.

In the Assembly of Jerusalem, the various Bishops have distinctive responsibilities, some sharing in various tasks, while some are assigned unique roles. There is a difference between the responsibilities of the Teacher of Righteousness and the Catholicos Patriarch. This has become more evident more recently with the appointment of +Mar David as Catholicos.

The Holy See is the primary seat of authority, after Mar Melchizedek (H.H. Mar Chayim bar Ya’aqub) the Teacher of Righteousness, for all the Spiritual Communities within the Assembly of Jerusalem.

In some cases certain Spiritual Communities have their own synods, always working in cooperation with the Catholicos. While ecclesiastical authority for the Assembly of Jerusalem is entrusted to the Catholicos, His Holiness consults the Teacher of Righteousness above him, the Bishops and the various other consultants within his jurisdiction, but, according to Third Pillar, after the Teacher of Righteousness, the Catholicos is the final voice in all matters relating to the faith of the brethren in the various Spiritual Communities. Neither the Steward, the Bishops or others have authority to speak on behalf of the Assembly without authorization from the Catholicos or directly from the Teacher of Righteousness.

Teacher of Righteousness

  • H.H. Mar Chayim bar Ya’aqub
    The Teacher of Righteousness (Moreh ha’Tzaddik)

Holy See

  • Mar David Shir
    Catholicos Patriarch, Assembly of Jerusalem – Representative of the Chair of Moshe and Throne of Mar Ya’aqub


  • Mar Andrew, Middle East membership
  • Mar Joseph, Monastic Order of Mshikhanim

Consultants and Archdeacons

  • Fr. Jonathan bar Stephen, Monastic/Religious Formation
  • Mthr. Mickle, Archdeaconess, Thomasines
  • Fr. Mitch Adams, Archdeacon, St. Thomas Christians
  • Fr. Shamon, Archdeacon, Spiritual Son of Mar Catholicos
  • Br. Mihailo Bulic, Assembly scribe, Orthodox Rite Church of Jerusalem
  • Br. Adrian Tarendra, Orthodox Rite Church of Jerusalem

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