Apostolic Letter on the Cultivation of the Twelve Virtues

20 October 2013

My brethren, children of the Venerable Religion, those who walk in the Path of Truth in the Religion of Light, O how I wish for each of you to put into daily practice the Twelve Virtues and the various character qualities associated with each of these Virtues.

When you realise the origin of the True Self, you know that you are a daughter or son of the King of Truth and you have skill, divine gentry, blessed dignity and virtue itself. This, my beloved children, is the first virtue: Great Royalty.

When you practice balance, seek and hold to enlightenment and understanding, when you are able to be taught things of a divine nature, this, my beloved children, is the second virtue: Wisdom.

When you practice self control and make a concerted effort to detach yourselves from materialism and harmful desires, this, my beloved children, is the third virtue: Victory.

Experience joy, O children of Light, practice divine persuasion and reconciliation with your fellow brothers and sisters and the world. This, my beloved children, is the fourth virtue: Contentment.

When you practice modesty, have a humble heart and practice religious zeal, this, my beloved children, is the fifth virtue: Purity.

Beloved children, when your speech is true, when your beliefs are pure, when you practice upright morals, when you walk diligently upon the path of true religion, this, O children of Light, is the sixth virtue: Truth.

When you are able to dispel all doubts, practice the skilful walk and have unerring faith in the revealed truths of Mar-Yah Alaha and His Messenger, this, my beloved children, is the seventh virtue: Faith.

Remaining calm in all situations, enduring wrongs brought against you, and not being quick to anger, this, my beloved children, is the eighth virtue: Patience.

When you practice integrity, honesty and zeal in your walk, holding the right hand of the Holy Messenger of Light, you come to realise the ninth virtue: Sincerity.

Good deeds, generosity, love, and graciousness in all things is a sign of the tenth virtue, my beloved children: Virtue.

When you practice uniformity of heart and impartiality toward all persons, this, my beloved children, is the eleventh virtue: Justice.

When you are of one mind with the Divine Messenger, have light emanating from the soul, when you have unity with the Teaching of the Messenger and with the blessed community of the believers, this, my children, is the twelfth virtue: Light.

Additional qualities associated with these Twelve Virtues, beloved children, is to be able to be educated, to be able to educate others, to be useful to the Lord, to be useful to His community and to those seeking the truth, to have the ability to utilise divine wisdom so as to teach the path of truth to others, to have wisdom so as to meditate upon and see phenomenon for what it is, to be kind, altruistic, generous, to be amiable, friendly and non-judgemental to all souls, to be calm and peaceful, never upset by phenomenon, to be harmonious, unbiased, non-discriminatory, not prejudiced, and not being harsh toward others for their practices or mistakes.

The practice of these twelve virtues with these additional qualities, my children, will bring you to perfection and you will realise liberation. At that point you may leave your shell, the material body, behind, and think no more of the dark world that held you captive.

When you have perfected these virtues you are ready to meet Mshikha, the Blessed Teacher, on the other shore.

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