Communique in Reference to the Epistles of the Apostle Paul

20 January 2017

The writings of the Apostle Paul are not included in the Canon of Scriptures of the Mshikhanim. This is not because Mshikhanim do not believe that Paul was an Apostle. He is to be respected by all Mshikhanim as an Apostle chosen by Yeshua Mshikha in the first century.

His epistles are useful when viewed in the proper light of the Teachings of Maran Yeshua, and as such they may be read in private by individuals, but are not to be utilized to establish doctrine in this age, nor should they be read during Mshikhani services, nor used in study groups, as it is not their custom.

Mshikhanim do not believe that the Apostle was anti-Torah, but, sadly, that is how Christianity has painted his portrait over the centuries, wresting his writings for their own evil agenda.

The above Communique is specifically in reference to the Assembly of Mshikhanim. The writings of the Apostle Paul do, in fact, form part of the Peshitta Canon of some other Spiritual Communities within the Assembly of Jerusalem, such as the Orthodox Rite Church of Jerusalem and the St. Thomas Christians.

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