Communique Regarding Private Practices of Monastics

February 13, 2017

While monasteries and convents have practices that are specific to his/her Spiritual Community, some of the hermits and anchorites have personal practices in addition to the traditions of their Community, as long as said practices are not in opposition to the Three Pillars.

For example, an anchorite may wish to use some traditional Russian Orthodox prayers or the Roman Catholic or Anglican rosaries in her daily devotions. She would do this in her own hermitage but would not neglect the Chaplet of Light. A hermit who joined the Assembly of Mshikhanim who was originally from Monijiao, may wish to display a statue or figurine of Mani Buddha, but he would not be teaching the public about Monijiao. It is a private matter. This can include a variety of practices, again as long as those traditions are not opposed to the Three Pillars.

There should be no harm in talking about such practices among non-monastic members, or the public, unless there is something specific that the Teacher of Righteousness has instructed in that regard.

(A Communique from Mir Kshathra)

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