Epistle: Integrity in the Face of Opposition

1 March 2013

We read in the Scriptures: “Know this, my children, that because of your faith in the Truth and the Light, you will be made to endure trials and tribulations; those of you who love me will be hated by those in the world who hate me. Many will lose a hand while many will lose an eye, but always know that I am with you through all that you endure and your reward is great. He who loses his life on account of my name shall receive everlasting life in the Kingdom of Light where there is true peace and rest in the bosom of Abba d’Rabbuta.”

Family members, co-workers, school mates and others who do not share your beliefs may at times cause trouble to your heart or to your mind because of their opposition to the Living Faith. Some of you are living in an environment or a land that is known to be hostile to the Faith. Often times such opposition is not always in the form of extreme persecution, but due to misunderstandings and fears of those who are opposing you, opposition may come in the form of limiting your ability to carry out your responsibilities as one who has been called into the Truth to share the Gospel. Some may oppose your Faith verbally by making discouraging comments, others may attempt to take you away from your work by creating an environment that does not permit you to spend your time wisely in doing the will of the Father.

There are those of you who have experienced verbal attacks by not only worldly government authorities but also family members and those whom you thought were your friends.

In fact, more often than not, unbelieving family members have been such a strong force in the life of the individual that their discouraging comments and other abuses have been the cause of some brethren falling away from the Faith.

There are those of you, on the other hand, who experience opposition to your faith by those who claim to be your friends. Some of these come in the guise of a “seeker”, pretending to take an interest in the Faith with questions about the history and beliefs of the Assembly. Sometimes these particular individuals will ask so many questions and make numerous points of contention with you that it takes up too much time from more important matters. Maran said, “There are those who will come to you with the mask of a seeker of Light or pretend to be a Friend of the Assembly who are only interested in arguments. They are like wolves in the skins of sheep. They have no true interest in the Light, and as such you should not spend too much time on such ones, for they will only take away from the Message of Light which you have shared with them and twist the Message for their own good when they turn against you.” It is important to help others to come to a proper understanding of the Faith, but when it becomes evident they are not genuinely interested and are only engaging you for the sake of argument, it is time to walk away and permit such ones to remain in God’s hands. In many cases, the evil one is using the individual as a tool to take you away from divine service and to cause doubt to grow within your heart.

Maran prophesied that all those who love Him will experience some form of opposition due to their faith in Him and His Gospel. He says, “those of you who love me will be hated by those in the world who hate me.”

Certainly our dear and precious brothers and sisters in such countries as Lebanon, Yemen, Afghanistan and other hostile areas of the world have experienced some of the most extreme forms of persecution – some even losing their lives because of their strong faith and integrity.

How can you take remain strong in the Faith and have integrity during any form of trials that come upon you? You must always take solace in the words and instructions of the Lord and forever maintain a heart that never produce doubt. Take courage in the fact that you have brothers and sisters in the Faith that stand up with you and ready to encourage you when you are facing trials and tribulations.

You can help secure your faith in the Light by remaining active in your various responsibilities concerning the Truth, coming to a proper understanding of our Scriptures, Traditions and Revelations by continual study and application, remaining in contact with other brothers and sisters, having a heart of devotion to the Three Pillars and a heart filled with loving-kindness toward others – even for those who persecute or oppose you.

Always bear in mind the promises that are given to you by Maran. He promises that He is “with you through all that you endure and your reward is great.”

May you be remain faithful in the Light as you walk in integrity with the Lord.

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