Epistle: A Letter to All the Brethren – 18 January 2017

To all the brethren, peace be unto each of you.

It is my prayer that each of you had a blessed holy day experience within your particular covenant recently and that you have already begun to experience the blessing of the presence of God in your life with the beginning of the new year.

I wish to take this opportunity to share a brief, yet encouraging word that I sincerely pray will assist in adding to the spiritual strength that you already maintain.

As you continue to walk faithfully with the Father of Greatness, I admonish each of you to remain steadfast in obedience to the Three Pillars of the Holy Faith, that is, the Scriptures, the Traditions and the Revelations, all given by authority of the Spirit of holiness for each spiritual community within the Religion of Light.

Always have respect for each person regardless of race, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, gender, and spiritual community which adheres to the Religion of Light in purity and in truth.

I admonish each of you to be respectful of the practices of fellow brethren regardless of their spiritual community, whether those practices and traditions are shared by your own community or appear unique. Each community is responsible for maintaining their own covenant, and have been given authority by the Spirit of holiness to practice their traditions and to hold to the Three Pillars as has been granted to them, including shared or unique Scriptures and Revelations. There are some communities that have a very large collection of texts in which they hold sacred or holy, while others have very few. A community does not use a text that has not been authorised for their own use, and each person, regardless of their covenant, is commanded to have respect for their fellow brethren. Both laity and clerics should never discourage sacred texts that have been deemed worthy of use by any particular spiritual community within the Religion of Light.

Additionally, brethren, I wish for each of you to continue generating loving-kindness towards one another, and to bear one another up, to assist each other spiritually and physically, in all times, favourable and unfavourable. The love you demonstrate toward your brethren is an indication of the love you have for God, and is a sign that you are a true follower of our Master. In addition to this, brethren, when it is possible, care for the needs of those who are unable to assist themselves, even if they are not of the Religion of Light. Allow the Spirit of truth to help you in discerning such matters.

It is imperative to always have respect for the leadership that has been appointed throughout the Religion of Light. While there are very few earthly spiritual leaders for the communities as a whole, they are experienced in the Three Pillars as revealed and expressed in most of the spiritual communities. Look to them for guidance, as Rukha d’Kudsha guides each of them. Be on guard for apostasy and false teaching. Nothing that is in the flesh is immune to turning from God; thus do your best, in prayer and with supplication, to always walk in the truth and to seek strong and capable leadership in those who are sent from the Father of Greatness.

I do wish I could write more for you, and to write a letter for each of the communities, but I hope that this brief communication will be sufficient for the time being.

May each of you be blessed by the Father of Light who is above the heavens. I truly appreciate your prayers. Each of you remain in my prayers, daily, and I ask for those of your own.

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