Epistle: Paying Attention to the Signs

22 February 2013

There are many signs that we come across in our lives every day. Some of these signs instruct us to take caution, while others directly tell us to stop everything in our tracks. On the other hand, others instruct us that we should slow everything down, and yet there are others that tell us to go forward.

If we do not pay attention to these signs we may in fact find ourselves not in the most desirable situation. For instance, if you are driving along a highway and approach a busy intersection and decide to ignore the stop sign, you are likely to cause not only yourself harm, but others as well. Ignoring the stop sign may even cause more than just a bump or bruise on your forehead.

However, while it is of great importance to pay attention to street signs, warning lights and directional signs, those who are truly dedicated adherents of the Religion of Light are well aware that there are spiritual signs that provide us with divine guidance from Mar-Yah Alaha, from Yeshua Mshikha, the Prophets, and from the Celestial Servants.

These spiritual signs are the words and teachings graciously provided to us through the Divine Messengers. These signs can be thought of as “directional signs”. When you are in need of guidance, Maran Yeshua provides the spiritual direction which you need. He does not merely give us advice or suggestions, but he provides us with guidance in how to walk with him and how to approach his Father, Mar-Yah. Are you paying attention to the signs? Are you sitting at the feet of Yeshua Mshikha and absorbing every word he speaks?

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