Epistle: The Brethren are Your Family

4 April 2014

Beloved sons and daughters in the Light, some of you have been undergoing some trials of varying degrees, some quite harsh to be exact.

I can not stress enough the importance of calling upon your brothers and sisters in the Religion of Light to assist you with prayer, counselling or simply an ear to hear your thoughts and troubles, and a shoulder to lean on in these stressful times.

Holding back and not sharing your feelings with those who care about you is not good – they can have adverse affects on both your mental and physical health. Your fellow adherents in the Religion of Light are part of your true family – each one called to serve with you through good and bad times – shoulder to shoulder.

Do not neglect to call upon your brothers and sisters, dear children of the Light. There are mature brethren who await to hear from you and who only wish for your happiness. You should never feel ashamed or embarrassed to ask for an ear or a shoulder.

I have written to you on this subject before. Please see my previous message concerning assistance from His Divine Presence and from the brethren.

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