Epistle: The Source of Our Hope

21 April 2013

The Father, Mar-Yah Alaha, is the Divine Source of Light and Truth. Mshikhanim believe that God alone can provide for His people in a way that no human or no government can ever do, no matter what the situation is.

A man once asked His Divine Presence, “Lord, where can I find the truth that gives hope?” The Lord replied, “True prophecy is related to the Living Spirit. Truth and prophecy, originating with the Father of Greatness, is handed down through the Divine Messengers that were appointed by the Living Spirit. In the teachings of the Divine Messengers there is hope.”

Mshikhanim know this hope is found within the teachings of these Messengers and that today, it is written down in the canon of Scriptures for all to not only learn by contemplation and study but also by action.

Those who love God, the Living Spirit and the Divine Messengers, also love the Scriptures that have been provided to them through the hands of the scribes. Mshikhanim are grateful for this divine gift provided through the Living Spirit. We can view this Holy Book as the unified voice of the many Prophets and Divine Messengers that have been sent into the earth over the centuries. It is a book that gives each one of us the opportunity to learn about God, His purposes for humanity, life lessons and gives us the ability to develop hope within ourselves.

Humans and governments can offer a great deal of comfort for their fellow human beings and citizens, but man can not always keep his promises and humanity can never offer the hope of eternal life. Human beings are in a constant process of death and decay, and while science has progressed by leaps and bounds, it will never be able to offer a solution to death. Our Source of hope is with the Great Father as found in the Scriptures. In it are the promises of life with that same Source – eternally.

The Holy Scriptures can assist every man, woman and child to develop hope within themselves during these difficult times and can give assurance of an escape from the inevitable end of man – death.

Look to God as the Source of your hope. Study the Scriptures daily. Put its words into action in all that you do and your faith and hope will become stronger each day.

Based on a message given by His Holiness on Sunday, April 21, 2013.

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