Receiving Former Clerics and Monastics

Some of the Spiritual Communities often receive membership requests from persons claiming to be a bishop, priest or “messianic rabbi” from a religion outside the ecclesiastical jurisdiction of the Assembly of Jerusalem. Anyone who wishes to become a member of one of the Spiritual Communities, who was a cleric from a religion outside of said Assembly, is not recognized as a cleric by the Synod or by any Spiritual Community in communion with the Catholicos. This means that one is not able to transfer his/her ordination from another religion to any of the Spiritual Communities of the Religion of Light. However, in some cases, an individual cleric from one of the religious communities within the greater Religion of Light, will be reviewed and trained for future work in the ministry of one of the Spiritual Communities if he/she wishes to continue a ministry. Not all Spiritual Communities offer training of clerics and thus this would limit him/her from serving in such a ministry.

A monastic who is a member of one of the communities of the Religion of Light, who wishes to join a Spiritual Community, and who wishes to join one of the Monastic Orders, should seek information directly from the order in which he/she wishes to participate. The Holy See permits such ones joining but requires that they undertake a proper course of study provided by the Monastic Order they are entering. This ensures that the monk, nun, etc. from another Religion of Light Community is fully aware of the expectations of the particular Monastic Order within the Assembly of Jerusalem.

There are various ranks of monks and nuns within the various Monastic Orders, and not all of these are currently the same. The highest ranking member of all the Monastic Orders is the Central Abbot, also known as the Paqid. The Paqid is responsible for all Monastic Orders under the jurisdiction of the Assembly of Jerusalem and is responsible for unifying the religious congregations (individual Monastic Orders) with a standard. Not all monastic members serve in the capacity of clerics. For more information about Abbots, Hieromonks, monks, nuns, etc. and their varying ranks or clerical status, please contact the Paqid.

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