The term “Sabbatical”, used alone, indicates that a cleric is currently on holiday or travelling and has not been assigned any specific tasks during his/her Sabbatical. With the exception of emergencies, requests should not be made of these particular clerics.

The phrase “Working Sabbatical” indicates that a cleric is either on holiday or travelling, but has a limited ministry during such sabbatical. The faithful who are aware of this status should refrain from asking the cleric to perform tasks other than those he/she has been assigned during their Working Sabbatical.

The phrase “Sabbatical of Silence” indicates that a cleric has been ordered by the Holy See or by the Holy Synod to refrain from speaking or writing on spiritual/theological or doctrinal matters until the Sabbatical has been lifted. Only the Catholicos or the Synod as a whole may issue or lift a Sabbatical of Silence.

Unless otherwise indicated to individual congregations, a cleric who is currently on Sabbatical may receive confessions from the faithful or perform emergency baptisms.

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