Spiritual Communities

photograph of a congregation in Indonesia

Some of the members of one of the congregations in Indonesia

   A “Spiritual Community” is defined as a religious group that has a valid covenant and under the spiritual guidance of the Holy Synod of the Assembly of Jerusalem, and in particular being in communion with the Catholicos Patriarch.

A “Mission Community” is similar to a Spiritual Community but its members live in the same home or immediate vicinity for the purpose of carrying out a special mission approved by His Holiness. A Mission Community is often commissioned, by an Apostolic Mandate of His Holiness, to reach out to persons of other religious groups for the purpose of an in-depth program of sharing the Gospel of Truth by word and by example, while engaged in the social life of the other religious group as far as it is canonically permitted.

Based on the words of Yeshua Mshikha, Spiritual and Mission Communities must consist of at least two members. “For where two or three are assembled in my name, I am there with them.” (Mar Mattai 18:20)

Communities Observing Aurayta

Reading from Sefer Torah

  • Orthodox Rite Church of Jerusalem (Eastern Rite Congregations) (CP)
    • Hebrew Catholic Church of Mar Ya’aqub (A)
    • Orthodox Meshichyim – Eduth HaMizrach (A)
    • Orthodox Christians in Communion with the Catholicos Patriarch (A)
    • True Aramaic Catholic Church (A)
    • Old Order English Rite Church (A)
    • (Consisting of Saint Thomas Christians (A) and Syrian Anglicans (A))

Transitioning Communities

  • Saint Thomas Christians – Nasrani Mappila (AT)
  • Yeshuan Community (AT)

Non-Torah Observant Communities

  • Brethren of Messiah (D)

Talk being delivered at covenant assembly

Monastic Orders

  • Little Brothers of Marta Miriam (Syria) — died out
  • Little Sisters of Marta Miriam (Syria) — died out
  • Little Brothers of Sundar Singh (cloistered, India, Nepal)
  • Monastic Order of Mshikhanim
  • Saint James Hermitage (cloistered laura, USA)
  • Sons of the Catholicos (international) (A, CP)
  • Knights of the Three Pillars (USA) — canonical status pending


    A. This community observes the Aurayta in the strictest possible manner.
    AT. This community is transitioning to Aurayta observance from the Didache.
    CP. A community directly under the Addereth (Spiritual Mantle) of the Catholicos Patriarch.
    D. This community observes the Didache and are not strictly under the Aurayta, or not yet expected to fully observe Aurayta due to various circumstances.

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