Mar Chayim bar Ya’aqub

His Holiness celebrating
Qurbana Qadisha

His Holiness was chosen before his birth to serve as the Teacher of Righteousness in our day. At just six year old His Holiness was able to speak Aramaic, Spanish, Portuguese, Ladino, Hebrew and English. At twelve years of age he wrote a book on the teachings and laws of Messiah called Halakot d’Mshikha. In his teen years His Holiness was given the title of “Rabban” by Mar Dalin III.

Born in 1964, he served the Holy Assembly as the Archbishop for North America and Portuguese speaking communities until his elevation in 1991 to the office of Patriarch, by Mar Thomas Dalin (III) and co-consecrators. His Holiness underwent full seminary training under leading Bishops and other educators within the Assembly of Jerusalem, canon law and history, ancient Scriptural languages, psychology and ancient history.

At one time His Holiness’ official residence was in Pisgat Ze’ev, a Jewish community in northern Jerusalem, Israel. He now lives in a cloistered hermitage in the United States with some of the monastic brethren.

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