Apostolic Letter: Falsehoods Consigned to the Flames

Apostolic Letter of 6 August 2003

Blessings of peace and love to all of our dear and beloved faithful…

It is the pronouncement of the Holy Synod on this sixth day of August in the year of our Lord, 2003, to consign to flames any and all falsehood that may subsist within the Holy Assembly and each and every one who is not in agreement with us and those who continue to share in the darkness of the devil are hereby measured a disgrace to their calling and an abomination and shall have no part with the Assembly and her Holy Sacraments.

A great sin for any disciple of Mshikha to take part in is hate. A disciple should never hate a fellow human being no matter what the situation is. We are to emulate Messiah’s love to everyone we come into contact with even if it is those who have removed themselves from the Holy Assembly for whatever reason. The Lord rejoices over the reconciliation of each and every single human being to His Sacred Heart.  How can we as human beings ever make judgement on another human being, especially not knowing the facts, if our Chief Commandment is to love Yahweh our God and our neighbour as ourselves?

We shall keep open the Assembly’s doors to welcome anyone in our presence who is truly desiring, without hidden agenda, to learn and come to know our Lord and the sacrifice He made for that person and the Spiritual Communities shall not turn such individuals away due to any unfounded, un-canonical reason. The Spiritual Communities shall not rope off her pews to anyone who truly and genuinely desires to be acquainted with the Master.  It would be a great sin if in fact it is the Holy Spirit who is calling such an person into our company if we disallow them from taking in God’s Word?

It is every disciple’s responsibility to uphold each sincere individual in his or her daily prayers and to assist them in coming into a close and strong relationship with our Lord by demonstrating what he or she knows Messiah taught in His earthly ministry carefully and lovingly showing the Father’s hand in discipline and correction when necessary.   Let us have love, with caution and Divine guidance, with a firm hand on the essentials and openness to the uniqueness and diversities in reference to the non-essentials.  The Assembly shall not condone any form of sin, but shall indeed firmly remove anything from among her that is contrary to the Word of God, the Canons and the Traditions of which have been revealed, and shall do so in a loving Messiah-like manner.

We loyally proclaim that there is no salvation outside of Messiah and anyone who assumes or teaches otherwise shall be considered as teaching in opposition to the Three Pillars of the Faith.

Let these proclamations go forth from this day that Messiah is the True Head of the Assembly and that the evil one is the adversary of all of God’s creation and that it is the responsibility of those who have been called by the Lord to shepherd His Spiritual Communities under the guidance and protection of the Holy Spirit to faithfully and diligently observe the Word of God, the Holy Canons and the Sacred Traditions of the Assembly and the Spiritual Communities that such ones have been called into by the Holy Spirit and that no divergence from the Word of God shall be tolerated in any manner after proper discipline and correction has been offered.

Let it be known that no individual, being a member of one of the Spiritual Communities under the Assembly of Jerusalem, who is insubordinate to the teachings of Messiah, as presented by the Holy See, shall stand in communion with the Patriarchate of Jerusalem in general and that such ones shall be delivered to their father the devil and thus be considered anathema!  Such ones have absolutely no share in the Holy Sacraments of the Assembly or her Spiritual Communities.

During the last several months my office has been witness to various individual members and those who call themselves shepherds of Messiah’s Church throw their keys to the Kingdom in the rubbish.  They have discarded their salvation and their souls and have been seditious to Messiah, His teachings and the divine arrangements for God’s people.

While these events are sad to witness it is nevertheless expected from those who lack true faith and who do not allow proper direction from the Holy Spirit in their lives.  These very ones have allowed their faithfulness to slumber and have made their bed with the enemy.  Such ones have come to develop a distorted understanding of what the truth of Messiah and the Holy Scriptures actually is.

The Holy Synod has given ample time for all such individuals to retract their vile positions and return to the Holy Faith and submit to the proper guidance of the Patriarchate by their renunciation of past counterfeit arrangements.

Through Third Pillar, I have been instructed to remove that which is causing a depraved and disgusting stench within some of the Spiritual Communities and her headship which is being caused by the mottled teachings of degenerates.  Such ones have permitted their lamp to burn too low and have not refilled them with oil in the proper time and shall be cast out into the darkness with their father the devil.  Thus it is the decision of the Holy Synod to more carefully and diligently examine all those who claim to have a calling to serve as shepherds for Messiah’s Holy Assembly and its various Spiritual Communities under the guidance of Holy Spirit through the Patriarchate of Jerusalem.

The See will not sanction the membership of anyone who has one hand in the darkness and one in the light!  Our Lord Yeshua Mshikha instructed that there is no sharing of the two and that there is only one true Master.

It shall also be observed that if, after being permitted ample occasion for proper orthodox instruction and edification in the Assembly’s ways and traditions, individuals do not clearly reveal by their fruits that their Master is indeed the True Messiah they shall have no part with the Holy Sacraments and shall remain away from the Holy Altar until such a time when they have indeed manifested a true desire to learn and produce fruits of the Spirit. 

We hereby pronounce, denounce and excommunicate all those who promulgate any type of falsehood in the name of and within the Spiritual Communities of the Assembly of Jerusalem; such an excommunication can be removed only by the council of three Bishops who shall be present within my office and by the individual expressing total repudiation of one’s former way and returning again to the Holy Faith of Messiah.

The foremost of those excommunicated are those amongst the clergy who propagate their filth in which they claim as truth, and then to all those of the membership who united in any manner with those who are vomiting out falsehood among the flock within the Houses of James, Peter and Thomas.  Such ones, by their own deeds, have in fact already removed themselves from the Body of Messiah and have repudiated and disinterested themselves from the Holy Faith.

May the Holy Spirit guide us in the divine work that has been put before us to accomplish and may all the clergy have a sense of great urgency in fulfilling the responsibilities in which they have been assigned to by Messiah in castigating all insubordinate and unrepentant ones from the association of believers.

I pray that the Lord judges our House and all her populace worthy of the keys of the Kingdom.  May God have mercy on our souls.

Given on the 6th Day of August in the Year of Our Lord 2003

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