Communiqué: Authority of Ecclesiastical Steward

14 January 2004, 10 March 2017

To be read in all Congregations and Ministries in Affiliation with Assembly of Jerusalem

In reference to the appointment of the Steward of the Throne of Mar Ya’aqub

Blessings to all venerable Brothers, Sisters, Clergy and all Lay Faithful throughout the world.

+Mar David Shir, being appointed by myself as the Ecclesiastical Steward of the Throne of Mar Ya’aqub, has full authority to operate his office in behalf of the Assembly within the Holy Canons and Traditions of our Most Holy Faith. In this capacity he serves as my first assistant in all matters and affairs related to the day to day relations and business of the Patriarchate.

His office, as the office of any Bishop, requires respect. He has taken upon himself the mantle of divine service and has continually sacrificed his time and efforts, as well as his own personal finances to operate both his office and the Holy See as a whole. His only desire is to serve the Assembly in honour of the Three Pillars.

At the service of the Holy Qurbana on Resurrection Sunday, in my presence, on 17th day of April, in the year of our Lord 2017, +Mar David Shir renewed his vows to the Holy See and to the responsibilities of his office as Ecclesiastical Steward.

May God bless you with peace and may the Sacred Heart of our Lord dwell within you,

Updated on 17 March 2017; the original Communiqué was delivered by His Holiness on the 14 January 2004.

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