Communique in Reference to the Use of Anointing Oil

7 February 2017

An individual believer in good standing, especially a deacon, is granted the responsibility of praying over oil they wish to use in anointing others.

The individual prays with his or hands over the oil, asking for it to be blessed. They do not actually bless the oil themselves, but instead, they request that it be blessed by God.

Olive oil is appropriate, especially if special mixes are not available or if they are too costly.

The standard procedure is for the individual to apply a small amount of the blessed oil on his or her own right finger, and then wipe the oil on the person to be anointed on the palms of each hand, starting with his or her right hand, then the left, and then the forehead.

The person applying the anointing oil uses the following words. He or she, after touching the oil to his or her own right finger, raises the same hand, and says:

I anoint you with this blessed oil, b’shem Aba wa’Bara, w’Rukha d’Kudsha {in the name of the Father, and the Son and the Holy Spirit}.

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