Communique: Mshikhani Province of the Eastern Rite

26 February 2017

The Mshikhani Province of the Eastern Rite is under the guidance of myself, Chayim bar Ya’aqub, and the Mebeqqar of the Assembly of Jerusalem, Mar Andreos.

Additionally, the Eastern Province is under the spiritual direction of Rev. Fr. Jonathan bar Stephen. The monastics (as are all Mshikhani monastics) are under the spiritual direction of Rev. Fr. Abba Joseph, the Central Abbot of the Monastic Order of Mshikhanim.

This particular province of the Assembly of Mshikhanim is for those who came to the Assembly primarily from an Orthodox Christian background (Greek, Russian, Byzantine/Ruthenian Catholic, etc). While the province is not Christian, they have been received into the Assembly with traditions and practices unique to various branches of Orthodox Christianity. These traditions and practices were reviewed and authorised by myself and the Mebeqqar. With the exception of having a larger canon of the “Old Testament” Pshitta, they share the same Scriptures as the rest of the Mshikhanim.

As of this day, 26 February 2017, the Mshikhani Province of the Eastern Rite is in full communion with the Holy Synod of the Assembly of Mshikhanim.

Clarification — 5 April 2017
Initially, when this Communique was issued, the Eastern Rite Province was believed to have been primarily observing the Didache, with little observance of Aurayta. Upon further review, as of 5 April 2017, it appears the majority of the faithful within this Province have been transitioning from the Didache to the Aurayta. Should they make full observance, the spiritual heads of this community may seek Communion within the Orthodox Rite Church of Jerusalem. Upon receiving the request, the Holy See will make a thorough review of the matter and have his decision published.

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