Epistle: Be a Light of Encouragement

8 June 2015

It is always a blessing when a family can serve together in the faith, worshipping in unity with one another, whether it is a couple, or siblings, or a single parent with children. This can also be encouraging to others in the world who are observing such families and how they carry out their spiritual duties.

However, while it is ideal that an entire family unit worships together and shares the same beliefs, it is not a reality for most Religion of Light adherents today. The reality is, the world has crushed most families and formed them into something that is not godly or at least, lacks a great deal of spirituality or respect for what some members of the household might believe.

Living under a situation such as this can be very difficult, as some in our various communities can attest. We have some here who have family members who are Catholic, Presbyterian, Jewish and some who are of no faith at all. Not everyone in these families are opposed to our beliefs, but we know of some who have expressed their dissatisfaction with their family members who have become members of various Religion of Light communities.

Whatever your situation is with your particular family – especially if there are certain members of your family who are opposed to your practice, raise your head up and do not be too discouraged. There are others, many others, in the same situation as you yourself.

There are various saints within the Greater Assembly who had siblings or certain family members, such as parents, who were extremely opposed to the faith, and to the Light in general. Many children were beaten because of their faith, but they did not give up believing and did not walk away from their vows to remain faithful to the One God, to the Living Spirit and to the Messenger whom they came to know and love. They continued in the path, as difficult as it was, even in times of solitude and during terrible instances of persecutions.

Brothers and sisters should continue to be a source of encouragement and strength for those who are dealing with these various situations. The Scriptures tell us: “Be a light of encouragement and a shield of protection for the lowly.”

No matter where you find yourself within the Community, God has compassion and loves you very much – so much so that He has provided the Living Spirit, and it is the Living Spirit that is with you in your trials and various difficulties that you face. Look up, pray and be encouraged by the very Presence of the Living Spirit.

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