Epistle: Every Single Moment in Life

9 February 2013

It is very easy for many to become weighed down with so much things going in their lives within the world or over burdened with certain events that a person often does not take time to fulfil their vows to Mar-Yah, to Yeshua or to any of the Divine Messengers. Activities in the secular world, over indulging in worldly entertainment, television, music, concerts, sporting events and so on can quickly cause one to lose his or her focus on the more important things – communion with the divine.

There is certainly nothing wrong with enjoying life and spending time in various activities with family or friends, but if you have come to realise that you have no time at the end of the day for our Master, then it is time to look up to him and ask for his guidance. It is time to closely examine your day to day activities and start loosing the extra baggage. Unless we keep our priorities in proper order, we can quickly start to take for granted the many blessing from the Father.

Every single moment in life is extremely important. Every single second you spend on an activity that takes us away from your devotions, meditations, prayers, study and contemplation, is a second given to the darkness. When your time is given over to the darkness, you lose appreciation for the more important things and can eventually become complacent and inactive within your congregation or with your responsibility to share the Gospel of Mshikha with others.

Let us take great joy and always have the greatest of appreciation for the divine gifts that are bestowed upon us from the Great Father of Lights above.

Ours is a Holy Faith that causes love and compassion for all peoples to develop within the soul and as such it requires action.

How could anyone become inactive, with so many blessings and the fact that the nature of the Holy Faith is revelatory, that everything that is uttered by the mouth of the Divine Messengers that is meant for teaching purposes is not only Third Pillar, but First and Second as well.

The words of our Lord are Scripture, His instruction is Tradition and His prophetic utterance is Revelation. May we never be found guilty of taking his teachings or the gifts we receive for granted. May our hearts swell up with joy, appreciation and humility and may our hands be at work in the field of Maran.

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