Epistle: Five Things You Can Do to Please God in Your Daily Activities

28 April 2013

Removing obstacles, limiting worldly associations, developing proper Godly devotion, setting priorities, regular fellowship. How can these five activities help you please God in your daily activities?

1. Remove obstacles that hinder your service to the Great Father.
Is entertainment a major part of your day to day activities? Is music, television or even going to a theatre serving as an obstacle to your service to God? Activities with unbelieving friends and associates have proven to be obstacles for some brothers and sisters. This does not mean one should not associate with others, but their influences and the time they take from you should always be noted and if such things are causing you to remove yourself further from the Presence of God, then now is the time to let go of anything that is not necessary – that is, any thing that is not helping you advance in the Faith and render pure devotion to Almighty God.

2. Associate with those who give honour to God.
Even if you are in an isolated area where there are no other believers to fellowship with, you can remove yourself as often as possible, from those who dishonour God. When we consider as precious brothers and sisters those who share the same faith and practices, one is able to give honour to God in daily devotion to Him.

3. Develop a serious attitude about Godly devotion.
Have you developed a lacklustre attitude concerning the necessity of daily devotional activity? Again, are there obstacles that keep arising that may be causing you to lose your original zeal for God, His Way and the love of the Assembly? When you develop the proper attitude concerning the Light and the many spiritual gifts that God continues to provide through His Messengers, you are able to renew the zeal you once had when you first came to the Light and Truth. In order to possess this proper attitude you must be willing to use those spiritual gifts and tools so that they may benefit not only yourself but others as well.

4. Make study of the Scriptures and supportive materials a priority.
Without proper education in the Holy Words of Light, one can not expect to know the deeper things of God or what He requires of His people, which He has called out of the world as a remnant. Be faithful to your calling by continuing in your learning process, giving honour to God and His Messenger. Every Mshikhani should take time to study the Scriptures, the materials based on the canonical texts and the regular messages provided by those appointed to teach within the Assembly. When one removes themselves from fellowship with other believers, there is a tendency for one to quickly become out of touch with what is being revealed through the Message of Light and its Messenger. This is why it is important to study with others of like faith.

5. Remain in contact with those who worship in truth.
Regular fellowship is an important factor in our worship of Mar-Yah Alaha. There are those, as mentioned above, that live in isolated areas, sometimes thousands of miles from those who share the same beliefs and practices as taught within the Religion of Light. For those who have access to the internet, remaining in contact with fellow believers through online discussion groups and social networking can be a real blessing. When you have regular contact with fellow brothers and sisters, by whatever means are available to you, you receive the blessing of not only fellowship itself, but by keeping up to date with the latest activities and important messages being provided through the appointed teachers and leadership and Third Pillar revelations.

Brothers and sisters, obviously there are many other things that each believer can be doing in his or her day to day life, but it is my hope that these five points in particular will help to serve as stepping stones to greater service and awareness to become much more serious about your Godly devotion so as to please our Great Father and His Son.

(Based on the Sunday devotional message delivered by His Holiness on 28 April 2013 in Iran)

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