Epistle: Never Give up Hope of a Better Future

8 February 2013

Even in the face of such great opposition from humanity, the Father knows very well that there are some among humankind that can still respond to the voice of Rukha d’Kudsha and as such the Father responds with a loving hand and guides them into the Light and Truth. We demonstrate our love of God by our following the divine instructions of His Divine Presence, we observe the Commandments, we pray daily, share the Gospel with others, and live according to the Revelation given to us, never looking back. These are the steps to perfection.

Even when you are being persecuted, provoked, experiencing financial or family issues, or when things in life are just not going your way, always stand firm in the Truth, never give up hope of a better future, work as hard as you are able in sharing the Divine Message with your neighbours, continue to study the Gospel and all the revealed holy texts, and take comfort that Maran is with you, even in what you may believe are those darkest hours of your life.

Nothing in this world is permanent. We are promised time and again that a better world awaits us – a world without sorrow, sickness, pain or death. The future is bright because it is secured by the One who promised it – our Saviour and beloved Teacher.

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