Epistle: Pleasing God with a New Mind

15 March 2013

In the Religion of Light we speak a lot about the soul, its origin and its destiny. We speak of the various stages of a soul’s existence, its beginning, its present condition, whether it is sleeping or awake.

For those who sincerely and truthfully practice the Mshikhani Faith whole-heartedly, the soul is awakened and is aware of its original home. The soul has knowledge that it is sojourning in the earth within a temporary shell – the body. An awakened soul is also very much aware of its true home and longs for that home and will do everything in its limited ability (limited because of the physical body) to seek to return to its true home in the Gardens of Light from which it originated.

The soul, while in the physical body, has many limitations and restrictions – as if it were in chains within a prison cell. The soul must endure much that the physical body undergoes as well as what the world and enemies of the Holy Faith put it through. This can take a great toll on every person of faith who strives to be pleasing to Mar-Yah and Yeshua. Thus it will struggle from to time with not only physical issues related to pain and illness but also with emotional issues such as stress and the sense of loss (such as mourning) and perhaps at times despair.

A true believer who wishes to be pleasing to our Father must undergo a major change within their thought pattern and their daily activities. One who has converted from the world to the Religion of Light must not turn back to the dark ways of their former religion. The change in mind must also be accompanied by a strict discipline that does not permit one to have doubts about their practice or have desires to return to that which was not sent from God in the first place.

How can a soul be pleasing to the Father and to the Son? One way is occupying one’s self with the study of the Holy Scriptures, prayer and contemplation, singing and chanting of the Mazmore (Psalms) of our Faith, and remaining in contact with brothers and sisters by various means. The latter is very important for those believers who are living in lands where they are typically isolated from a Mshikhani congregation. Brothers and sisters can provide strength to one another by sharing their experiences, studying the Scriptures together, praying for one another, and taking a genuine interest in each other’s struggles in day to day life.

Maran is pleased with us when we put aside the “old man” from our lives and put on the “new man” – or new mind – by refining the awakening soul and taking in proper knowledge of the Truths given to Him by Mar-Yah. He is pleased with us when we help our brothers and sisters who may be struggling with various issues that each one may be dealing with in life. He is also pleased with us when we are in unity – not only with Him but also with each other.

When we put on the new mind we begin to refine the soul and we begin to have awareness of the more important things – we have more compassion, tolerance and forgiveness of one another’s faults. When the new mind is in place, one is better equipped with the ability to deal with infractions or offences that may arise one time or another. When one has a refined soul, even if not yet perfected, one does not lord his or her position over others and does not display a spirit of pride and arrogance. This is important for all Mshikhanim but especially for those who have been appointed to lead the Flock of God while their souls sojourn in the earth.

Be pleasing to God by conforming your mind to the Word of Truth instead of the ways of the world. Remove doubt from your mind and permit your heart to become a vessel of devotion to those things of a divine nature and to your brothers and sisters. Always be compassionate toward others and be considerate of the feelings and situations of all your brothers and sisters. Be a light to everyone you meet and an example of a soul that is being refined by the Light of Truth.

(From a message given by His Holiness on 15 March 2013)

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