Epistle: We Are Responsible for Each Other

15 February 2013

When difficulties arise either in one’s family or within the congregations of our blessed people, it is always important to enlist the assistance of wise and mature brethren. His Divine Presence has placed within your reach brothers and sisters who can lend a helping hand with wise counsel in any difficult situation and if at all possible your request for such help should never be delayed. Do not be embarrassed about asking for advice and counsel from your brothers.

All the brothers and sisters, whether they are clerics or lay persons are responsible for each other in many different ways. Maran has made this clear in all his teachings given to humanity throughout the centuries. All spiritually mature believers feel the responsibility to assist their brethren in the various situations they may be dealing with.

Loving compassion is deeply ingrained within each of those who take the Religion of Light seriously. This is simply one aspect of living the Pure Teaching every day. When one among our brethren is in pain, we are pain. When they are in need spiritually or financially, we want to assist them to the best of our abilities. Because we are all one within the One Created Being, there is a spiritual symbiotic relationship, and this goes beyond the physical but also relates to our emotions and thoughts about our spiritual siblings in general.

If you are the one offering assistance or advice it is very important that you never make assumptions about your brother or sister in need or about situations which you have limited information. We are taught the importance of always practising tolerance, compassion and understanding in every single situation we come across and we must do this without pre-judging the individual. Always try to learn as much as possible about the issues your brother or sister is dealing with. Exhibit true compassion. Listen carefully to what your brother or sister has to say. Try to put yourself in their place and ask yourself how you personally would deal with the situation if you were on the other side.

Along with loving compassion and a listening ear, we can not forget the importance of prayer. Pray together about the issue and keep the importance of prayer before the individual you are assisting. Maran has told us that when we wish to speak to him, all we have to do is talk to him. He will guide us in the situation by providing assistance through the celestial beings.

Love your brothers, do not judge them. Always try to put yourself in their situation and provide a loving hand with sincere compassion. Always pray.

May Mar-Yah bless you and continue to shine His light upon you.

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