Our Beliefs – A Basic Summary


We believe that the presence of God can be found everywhere that there is peace, truth and light. The concept of God should not be limited by childhood indoctrination such as believing that God is in a far away or hard to reach place. God is near all those who call upon Him in every high and low corner of the earth.


We believe that Yeshua Mshikha (Jesus Christ) is the Son of God and that His demonstration while here on earth is a perfect example for all to follow. We believe that Yeshua was crucified and was resurrected on the third day. We believe that the Blood of Yeshua on the Cross is redeeming and is a manifestation of God’s great love for His creation and that it can lead one to life free of sin. We additionally believe that Yeshua, as the one and only Son of God came to His own Israelite people and reached out to people of various cultures throughout history to deliver His message of love and redemption. As the Son, Yeshua is referred to as the Second Aspect of the One Godhead. The Apostles, disciples and family members of Messiah called Him by His Aramaic name “Yeshua”.

Holy Scriptures

We believe that what is commonly known as the Holy Scriptures, is the greatest of books ever written and that it serves as a guide for humankind. We believe that the record contained in the Scriptures is the message provided to humankind by God to know Him. God can be known in His own beautiful creation as well. There are millions of people that have never read a copy of the Scriptures and we believe that God loves them none the less, and that one day they too will have an opportunity to learn His truth. We uphold the Aramaic Peshitta (both Old and New Testaments, including the Aramaic Deuterocanonical books) as the purest form of the Word of God on this side of heaven, and that all translations, although some being useful, are subject to human error.


We believe Holy Spirit, being a part of the Godhead, is provided to all who have a heart of understanding and love. Regardless of one’s color, gender or social status, God is the God of all peoples and not of just a few. God’s love, light and life can be found by anyone willing to walk with Him. This same love was demonstrated by Yeshua 2,000 years ago and He embraces all those who pursue a life filled with love and peace according to His Word. Yeshua said that if we love Him, we must obey His Commandments. Following His Commandments means being obedient to His Father’s Law and faithful to Messiah’s teachings.


We believe in the divine work of the Cross. All people have the opportunity of being brought into the Light of God through a process of spiritual growth granted to us by our Creator through His undeserved mercy. In other words, we believe that all people will have a chance afforded to them to be reconciled to God through the Sacrifice on the Cross and the subsequent resurrection. However, we do not believe that everyone will be saved (we are not “universalists”), because not everyone wishes to follow righteousness, even after learning the Truth revealed by God.


We believe that the world is in a dying state and that our purpose is to bring God’s Light to all those who wish to have a better way of life and to be comforted with His hope. It is the desire of the Assembly of Jerusalem to assist all peoples with the message of hope and love so that they may draw closer to Almighty God.


The Spiritual Communities within the Assembly of Jerusalem are loving and embracing, and as such, they accept individuals as members regardless of age, gender, race, marital or social status who wish to learn and live according to the Holy Scriptures. The Spiritual Communities wish to reflect the Divine Love of the Creator and not to judge based on any human criteria; thus, the Assembly of Jerusalem wishes to emphasize that it does not discriminate based on color, nationality, sexual orientation, or social status.


We believe that Yeshua has commissioned His children to go into the entire world and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them and teaching them to observe His Commandments. We believe that Yeshua has entrusted the stewardship of the Scriptures to His people, including the promised power of Holy Spirit for the work of evangelism. All believers, the entire body of Messiah, should witness against all forms of discrimination, economic injustice and all forms of human degradation.


We believe and adhere to the Three Pillars of the Faith as shown to us by Messiah and His Apostles in the first century, namely:

  • Holy Scripture – The Word of God
  • Holy Tradition – The Practices of the Spiritual Communities
  • Holy Revelation – Prophetic Word, Divine Revelation

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