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This is a basic outline of the senior officers of the Assembly of Jerusalem (The Religious Community of Orthodox Netzarim), for those who are not aware.

Moreh ha’Tzedek
The Moreh ha’Tzedek (Teacher of Righteousness) in human form is our Chief Rabbi (Rabban), Chayim bar Ya’aqub ha’Tzadik.

Catholicos Patriarch
+Mar David currently serves as the Catholicos Patriarch for the Assembly of Jerusalem, under the authority of the Teacher of Righteousness.

Beit Knushta (Sanhedrin)
The Beit Knushta (a phrase meaning the governing “house of assembly”) consists of senior elders with various councils and committees of other members. All members of the Beit Knushta come from the blessed family of Ya’aqub ha’Tzadik which has been the practice of Essenes (Netzarim) since the early 100’s C.E. Almost all members are very advanced in age. Their main responsibilities are concerned with Netzarim halacha. The head of the Beit Knushta is the Teacher of Righteousness.

The General Council
Chayim bar Ya’aqub (Moreh ha’Tzedek/Teacher of Righteousness), Iran
Rabbi Ya’aqub (Secretary General), Tibet/China
Rabbi Saul, Iran
Rabbi Andrew, Iran
Hakham/Sofer Nehemiah Cohen (Sofer/Scribe), USA
Hakham/Sofer Jacob, USA, retired 18 February 2014 due to eye sight

A Rabban is defined as a senior rabbi who teaches. The term is rarely used today, with the exception of a few high ranking clerics appointed by the Teacher of Righteousness.

The Assembly has what equates to the office of “Bishop” – this is called a “Mebaqqer.” Those with this responsibility oversee specific territories. For example, such a cleric may be assigned to India or Japan.

A priest is one who is born in the Kahein line and helps make intercession for all of us. We used to use the term “priest” in two different ways, but to avoid any confusion as to what the Biblical priest is, this term is now only applied to those born in the Kahein line. Other communities within the Religion of Light, but not necessarily within the Assembly of Jerusalem, use the term “priest” in various manners.

Rabbis are usually assigned to a local congregation, and sometimes, depending on circumstances, more than one congregation, or even to an entire country. They look to the Mebaqqer as their immediate supervisor.

Other Offices
Among the Netzarim there are also:

Levites – Those who are born in the Levite line and assist the Kahein.

Prophets – This one is self explanatory. A person is called to serve as a prophet, no one chooses this “office”.

Scribes – Those who serve as scribes are responsible for making sure the congregations and individual members who might be in isolated areas have access to Torah and other Scrolls, the most recent publications, translation, and various other responsibilities. Most of our scribes live in seclusion so that their work is not hindered by the world outside.

General Staff of the Torah Scribe Library

The staff members care for translation, editing, publishing, correspondence and other duties assigned to each one by Moreh ha’Tzedek.

Previous Members of the Staff